Top 5 Best Oolong Tea in USA

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If you are a tea lover, you probably have a preference for black tea or green tea, we have the Top 5 Best Oolong Tea for you. Oolong tea is a wonderful hot beverage that falls in the middle of the two forms of tea that are often more well-liked. It has a greater flavour and caffeine content than green tea but less than black tea. It also shares many of the same health advantages as both of its near relatives. Oolong tea is a classic Chinese beverage that resembles a cross between black and green tea.
Many people are unaware that the distinction between green tea and black tea is not in the type of leaf used, but rather in the method of processing. This also applies to oolong tea. The tea plant, Camellia sinesis, produces leaves that begin to oxidize when they are exposed to oxygen-rich air. Compared to green tea, black tea is oxidized for a considerably longer period of time, which darkens the colour until it is black and gives it a rich, earthy flavour that is bitter. Green tea has a lot milder, even grassier flavour and isn’t sufficiently oxidized to develop such a dark hue.
The deep, rich flavour of oolong is well-known. With its green aroma luring you in, you may truly lose yourself in this tea and forget about your problems. Look for an oolong tea with that distinctively robust body and aroma when selecting an excellent one. Here are the Top 5 Best Oolong Tea.
Let me illustrate some exceptional advantages that oolong tea may offer you in more detail:
Promotes mental stimulation and weight loss
Reduces cholesterol
Minimizes inflammation
Enhance skin and hair growth
Reduces stress
Reduces the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes
Combats cancer
Congratulations if you are sipping oolong tea! It implies that right now, every organ in your body is being supported!

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