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If you are frustrated of oily dull skin and looking for a clear oil-free glowing skin, we have the Best 5 Oil Absorbing Products for you. Acne can develop because oily skin is more likely to pick up dust and pollution. Even the best oil-repellent primers, oil-free foundations, and setting powders can’t always prevent that noon shine from settling on your forehead, under your nose, and just generally all over your face. This is true for those of us with oily skin. Blotting papers can help with it. These tiny, paper-thin sheets don’t address the root of the issue, but they can temporarily mattify oily, glossy skin. However, using blotting paper will allow you to keep your face squeaky clean. Blotting paper can also be used to set lipstick and regulate the shine on your face.
Blotting paper is your best option on days when you don’t feel like using powder or when you simply forgot to pack the shine-wicking setting product. Blotting papers are comprised of an extra-absorbent material that typically contains materials like rice, cotton, and even flax seed, unlike toilet paper or even tissue. Blotting sheets work their magic by soaking up extra sebum on the skin, making it seem and feel more matte. This is similar to how powder or any other oil-sopping product on the market works.
Blotting sheets are a practical item to always have on hand for removing excess shine without removing your makeup! To provide a matte finish that lasts longer, some may even have a thin dusting of powder.
When you have really oily skin, as I do, it can seem like an uphill struggle to fend off mid-afternoon greasiness. While setting powder and setting spray are options, according to cosmetic experts, oil-blotting paper, sometimes referred to as blotting sheets, is the easiest and least messy technique to control oil production throughout the day.
Here are listed the Best 5 Oil Absorbing Products for the people who want to get rid of oily and shiny skin.

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